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Embassy and School, as an educational specialized structural subunit of the institution abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, performing educational activity on the territory of a foreign state, provides general state education accessible to and free for all citizens, whose parents (legal representatives) are employees of the Russian Embassy in Romania, of the trade mission of the Russian Federation, of the military mission of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, of the missions of other authorities of the federal state which, under the law of the Russian Federation, are entitled to send their employees to work in Romania.

In our school, training and education are provided in the Russian language and are admitted children, possessing fluent Russian.

The school carries out the educational process in accordance with three levels of general education: primary general education (standard term of studying - 4 years); general basic education (standard term of studying - 5 years); general secondary education (standard term of studying - 2 years).

According to Federal Law no. 273-F3 on "Education in the Russian Federation", Russian citizens have the right to choose the general educational institution and forms of education: full-time studies, distance studies, homeschooling or self-education. The school is entitled to organize independently the procedure of the forms of education.

The learning of general education programs within the educational forms of homeschooling and self-education types involve acquiring by students, independently or with their parents’ help (legal representatives) of educational curriculum, followed by obligatory intermediate state examinations and by the final graduation exam, which are held at school.

School outsiders are enrolled only for the period of the intermediate exams and final certification examinations, based on an application filed by their parents (legal representatives) for the students of 1-9th grades,  and based on a personal application for the students of 10-11th grades. After taking the certification exams, the outsider is expelled from school until the next certification exam.

Exams taken by outsiders in the 1st grade take place in the second decade of May, 2018.

Exams taken by outsiders in the 2nd-11th  grades take place 2 times during the school year: in December and in the second decade of May.

The state graduation exam for the 9th grade takes place in the form of the state graduation exam at the end of May and the first decade of June.

The examination of state studies graduation for the 11th grade takes place in the form of a Unified State Exam on the same days as in Russia.

Under Law no. 273-FЗ of December 29, 2012 on "Education in the Russian Federation", the general secondary school of the Russian Embassy in Romania is a specialized structural educational unit of the institution abroad, operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation - the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Romania.

The school is established on the base of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation order No. 12, and dates from March 15th, 1954.

Registered address:

Bucharest city, Gheorghe Brătianu  Street No. 54, district 1.

Juridical address:

Bucharest city , Pavel D. Kiseleff Street No. 6, district 1.

Phone no: (021)222-31-18

Web-site: http://romaniasch.ucoz.ru/

E-mail: romaniaschool@rambler.ru

The school year starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of  May.

The duration of the school year for the 1st grade is of 33 weeks and for the 2nd-11th grades, of 34 weeks.

Holidays during the school year 2017-2018:

  • Autumn holidays: from October 31st to November 8th ;
  • Winter holidays: from December 30th  to January 10th;
  • Spring holidays: from March 26th to April 3rd;
  • Pupils of the 1st grade have an additional one week holiday: from February 19th to February 28th.

In October 10, 2017, 112 students were enrolled for full-time studies:

1st-4th grades: 49 pupils;

5th-9th grades: 53 pupils;

10th-11th grades: 10 pupils.


Distant studies are attended by 11 pupils:

1st-4th grades: 8 pupils;

5th-9th grades: 3 pupils.

The teaching stuff of this school consists of 20 teachers which are delegated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and 4 employed local teachers. All the teachers possess an appropriate pedagogical training and a rich and high qualified teaching experience.