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           My trip to another world

     I didn’t think that the year could get crazier, boy was I wrong. Right before the school year ended I had some news from my parents about going to the other side of the planet, the most famous Asian country: China, to visit my brother. At first I didn’t know what to think, being able to travel like that was super exciting. We took a trip not only to Beijing, but to Shanghai as well. This adventure will be the most unforgettable thing in my whole life.

   I think the worst thing was how I got there. We had to take a 4h flight to Moscow and wait there 5 hours. That was fun. Then we had to take a 10h flight, but at least we had TV. We were really tired, but I have to admit that the view from the sky was magical, I couldn’t get my eyes off the window.

   But never mind that, let’s talk about the coolest part, the arrival in Shanghai. The first thing I noticed was that people were just staring at us with big smiles, same thing was in the subway. Some even tried to talk to us, but as you’d guess, we understood absolutely nothing. It was around 5 o’clock, when we exited the subway we tried to find our hotel .. tried… But remember, getting lost has its big plusses, we were able to look around the city with a HUGE map in our hands. The temperature was quite high, but at around 20 minutes later we were able to find our hotel. Another thing about the city was that people were being super nice, too nice actually. We settled everything upstairs and immediately went for a long walk.

   We found this pretty large street that had some kind of a small market, they were selling weird food. Of course I had to try something, so I took some odd looking ice-cream, I’ll spare you the details of what happened to it.

   We continued walking forward, buying souvenirs, taking photos all over the place, until we found the most beautiful view. I don’t think it can be described with words, but I’ll try. So we were standing on a pretty small bridge, looking at a fascinating river with many ships sailing on it. We were hearing voices from many European countries as well. But what most shocked me was the other shore. You’ll probably see a photo of it around here somewhere. Giant buildings in 25 different styles of architecture, now I understand why they call Shanghai the city of heights, that indeed helps you stand taller yourself.

   The next day we had the same routine, with some little changes. We really wanted to visit the Jade Buddha Monastery. It looked quite easy to find, but it didn’t turn out the way we were expecting. We got lost.. again… We tried to ask for help, some people were trying to get us there, but instead we were just going in circles. Finally, when we actually found the place, we were filled with amazement, not only its architecture, but its beauty in general. The strange thing was that the whole monastery was situated in the middle of nowhere, it made sense why it was so hard to find. We also found one of the biggest history museums in China, from where I really did found out some interesting facts about the country.

   Onto Beijing! My brother introduced us to the whole city and the coolest places for us to visit, since he had classes throughout the day, some things we had to see by ourselves without our compass, except Saturday and Sunday. The air really was different and not that breathable, the temperature was a lot higher than in Shanghai, but otherwise everything else was pretty good. We visited many interesting places, but the one that I most enjoyed was the Forbidden City. From what I understood the whole palace has an enormous history. It took us a lot of time to get in, since it was the biggest attraction in the whole city, but it was totally worth it. The palace was massive, it took us more than 2 hours to look around and we didn’t even see everything, it was basically a city. Next to it we also visited the Tiananmen square, it was really nice looking around it. But I’m not done yet. In the evening we went to take a look at the famous Beijing night market, I swear we couldn’t find the end of it. Here’s a tiny description: a long narrow type of street, where they sell all sorts of weird stuff. It was pretty fun seeing what the difference was between their food and ours. The next few days we were just walking back and forth throughout the city, it was still a lot of fun.

   The best thing in both cities were the night walks our family was doing. When it’s dark outside you can truly see how amazing China really is!

   There were so many things we weren’t able to visit and that’s why I can’t  wait going back there again!

Tsankova Desislava, the 8th grade



The Monument to Taras Shevchenko is located in Herastau Park. Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko is a great Ukrainian poet, artist and thinker. He was born on March 9, 1814, in the village of Moryntsi in central Ukraine. His literary heritage is regarded to be the foundation of modern Ukrainian literature and, to a large extent, the modern Ukrainian language. Shevchenko is also known for many masterpieces as a painter and an illustrator.



It was a windy day, my friend and I had fun while walking around Bucharest. In this photo we stand near the monument.

The Aviators monument in Bucharest still has an interesting story. In 1927 a Russian artist, called Lydia Kotzebue who was a division commander on the Eastern front during World War I, together with another artist Iosif Feket won a contest for this monument. There were 20 ideas exposed at the Romanian Athenaeum and the public decided. Thus, the monument of the air heroes as it is also called, is 20 m high. The construction, having an overall height of 20 meters, is made up of bronze sculptures, placed on a set of reinforced concrete, plated with stone from Panoptic and consisting of an obelisk that is as well placed on a structure.

(Pavlova Anna, the 10th  form)


Walking through Bucharest, my friend and I suddenly noticed a monument of a very famous sculptor. His name is Constantine Brancusi (1876-1957), a Romanian sculptor, was born in the village of Hobitsa in Romania in 1876. The influence of Cubism and other styles of pictorial abstraction is less affected In the works of Brancusi than in the works of other sculptors. His works have had a significant impact on the development of modern sculpture. We also learned from passers-by several of his famous sculptures: "Kiss", "Gates of a Kiss" and "Sleeping Muse".

(Kovaleva Alexandra, the 10th form)

On the 14th of November the teenagers of our school visited Sinaia and Busteni. There are two castles: Peles castle and summer palace Pelisor in Sinaia, but we were only in Pelisor. This palace was build for Queen Maria on her birthday. And there are many paintings all over the palace.

Then we visited Cantacuzino. There were nothing except paintings of modern artists. Some rooms were closed. The guide said that the gosts are dwelling there, but we think she was joking. Then we found the royal family emblems. Among them there was an emblem of one of our classmate`s family. We were very excited about it.

We enjoyed our trip and hope that we would go there again.

(Krygina M., Zubkova N., Babenko I.)


I want to tell you  about my trip to Germany. I and my parents went to Legoland to celebrate my birthday.  Legoland is near the city of Gunzburg.    It was amazing to see all incredible attractions and buildings made from  Lego Bricks. I  went to driver school and got the driver license. I also visited the Lego Factory and  saw how Lego is produced.  We saw the whole park from a Power Tower which is 40 meters high. The visit to Legoland was my dream, because I am a big Lego fan. And now my dream has come true!!!

    (Lyubenov Aleksander, 4th form)


In autumn I travelled to Constanta. Constanta is a city in Romania. It is a port on the Black Sea coast. There are many beaches in Constanta.I think Constanta is a beautiful and hospitable city!!!

(Mikaelyan Karine 4th form)

During our autumn school holidays I was in Italy with my parents. I have visited two different cities. The first day we were in Milan. And we visited Duomo Cathedral. It is very old and very big. The second day we have been to Venice. I saw a lot of beautiful gondolas and a lot of amazing bridges. The Venice is a city on the water. I like my holiday very much. 

(Taner Timur, the 4th form)

In October my family and I spent 2 days in mountains. We visited Rasnov fortress and it was so amazing. It is situated on the top of the mountain and the view from there was unbelievable. The medieval citadel of today is considered to be built between 1211 and 1225. Some of the walls are ruined even so it still looks perfect.  I really enjoyed visiting this fortress and I hope we will come there again.

(Zharkova Kate, the 8th form)

Salut! Je m’appelle André. J’habite à  Bucarest. Je voudrais vous dire que j’aime voyager à travers la Roumanie avec ma famille et mes amis. Mon pays natal est rishe en curiosités.Pendant mes vacances j’ai visité le château de Peleș, la grotte Jalomita, le sphinx des monts Bucegi dans les Carpates. C’était super!

(Joroveanou André, 6 classe)


My autumn vacation

 On my autumn vacation I went to Brussels to my best friend. I liked this city a lot, it was very beautiful in autumn. The leaves of the trees made a wonderful carpet under our feet. We also visited the arch in the name of the Independence of Belgium, the World War exposition, the Napoleon exposition and a car exposition.

Then we went to France and visited the places where the Allies had arrived to free the Western countries. We saw some fortifications and bunkers. You could see some restored tanks or cannons on the road. After that we went to the zoo with a lot of funny creatures. There were some friendly bears and we gave them nuts and threw them. They were sometimes staying on two feet to catch the nut. It was a great time. (Preda Luca, 6th grade)