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The week of English and French languages had arrived. By tradition, the Russian Embassy School in Romania had its grand concert on the 2 nd of March, 2018. These year’s performances were all dedicated to love, spring and friendship. As always, the pupils from our school took a massive participation in it, showing everyone their brilliant performances.

The two narrators from the 8 th grade, Tsankova Desislava and Konstantin Koretskiy, were announcing every act throughout the event.

The audience were amazed by each song that was presented: the romantic song “Shape of my heart”, performed by Sikalin Andrey and Tsankova Desislava; the French love song “Je t’aime” wonderfully shown by Sophie Feodor, “Tourner dans le vide” magically presented by Eva Feodor and Eva Brashoveanu; the love song “The bird and the child” performed in French by the talented 6th graders Vasilov Xenia and Bedike Alice; we listened to the hilarious song-joke in French “Madame la Marquise”;

and of course last, but definitely not least, the rock song “Holiday” by the guitarist Kozlov Andrey, the pianist Zhurba T.S., the teacher of Music, and the singer Eldar Axionov.

We bet everybody was amazed by the wonderful poems presented by our extraordinary students: the youngest participants of our concert rendered poems in English about the most important thing-“Home”; Usova Liza, Liubenov Alexander, Gonchakovskiy Andrey and Skurtu Daria showed some French poetry, while Alina Nikola was playing the piano.

We also had a great time watching the amazing performance by the 8th grade and their “Gravity Falls” plus learned a few business tips. The funny sketch “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, acted by the energetic 7th graders was truly cool. Finally, the 6th graders amazed the audience with the famous love story “Beauty and the Beast”. It was astonishing: stage play was memorable for its fine acting, costumes and scenery.

On the  whole, the concert was worthy of attention. Many thanks to all concerned especially our participants, parents and teachers.

Students, we wish you good luck in learning English and French. See you next year!

Tsankova Desislava, 8th grade.